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Play free online Halloween and scary puzzle flash games.

Brainless Zombie A challenging zombie puzzle game. Complete all the levels by getting to the brain. But first cure t...
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The Bony Puzzler The Bony Puzzler Is a very addictive game that will leave you hours in front of the computer always...
0 0   559
Memento Monster Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, giant spiders ... monsters are scary, but every monster has a...
0 0   625
Halloween Prankster Choose your own adventure in Halloween Prankster. Decide to go trick or treating or decorate your ho...
0 0   2216
Kill A Skeleton Shoot cannons at the skeleton to destroy him. The more damage, the more points.
0 0   617
Catch the Candy Halloween Collect all of the Halloween candies.
0 0   557
Finger Balance Halloween Use your balancing skills to balance the tilting pumpkin, and collect candies for extra points.
0 0   510
Spook-A-Rama Spook-A-Rama is a Halloween themed spooky physics game. The aim of each level is to fill the cauldro...
0 0   589
Wisp 20 levels of a spooky maze. Find your way to the light before you fade away.
0 0   579
Intruded A mysterious character is caught in a hostile environment where security cameras watch her every ste...
0 0   536
Brains Still Roll The sequel to Brains Will Roll is here! Adorable brain-eating zombies are back in Brains Still Roll!...
0 0   462
Brains Will Roll You just accepted a new job feeding brains to hungry zombies in a zombie research facility. Remove o...
0 0   479
Burying Zombies Our fears have come true and zombies have escaped from the cemetery! Send the zombies back to their...
0 0   472
Roly Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack Use your bomb-filled cannon to destroy the monsters in each level.
0 0   653
Halloween Memory Play Match up the scary pictures. You get more cards with each level.
0 0   570
Halloween Treat Pixel Patch Complete the Halloween pictures by clicking and dragging the missing parts onto the page.
0 0   731
The Head Splitter 2 The Head Splitter 2 is composed of 5 games inside. In the Head Splitter parts, you have the Arcade v...
0 0   548
Zomblower The zombies are coming! Grab a grenade and blow up the zombies! Can you destroy all zombies in 40 ch...
0 0   499
Jack O lantern Collector Collect as many jack-o-lanterns and candies as you can in the allotted time. Avoid the witch!
0 0   556
Zomblast Blast the zombies back where they came from by strategically placing bombs in this fun puzzle game.
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