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Play free online Halloween-themed hidden objects games.

The Curse of the House The Curse Of The House is a hidden object game. The Johnson's house is one of the most famous houses...
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Cursed Passage Cursed Passage is a hidden object game. A group supernatural investigators have arrived in the mount...
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Vampire Game Vampire Game is a hidden object game. Hi my friends, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Most people...
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Vampires Soulmate Vampires Soulmate is a hidden object game. Dante lives in a great castle in Harowood Forest, while h...
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Ghosts in the Library A team of investigators are researching reports of ghosts in the library.
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Scary Forest Walk into this scary forest and collect different magical items.
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All Hallows Eve Use your skills to remove all these unnecessary items.
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Spooky House 2 Step again into the spooky house. Explore this place and collect all items.
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Ghost Town Mystery Collect useful clues that will help you to unlock the mystery...
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Zoe's Halloween Party Decor The Vampire wants her room decorated with objects for a Halloween party. She needs your help to purc...
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Hidden Object - Haunted House Haunted House is a challenging and eerie Hidden Object game! 8 levels packed full of items... and so...
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Ghost Sniper Find all of the ghosts and destroy them in this fun ghost shooting game.
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Scooby Doo Hidden Objects Find the hidden objects in the Scooby Doo picture.
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Zombies in Central Park Once a year, when the corpses become really bored in their cramped one-room underground apartments,...
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Halloween Crystal Hunter Halloween is near and that means lost of spooky things! Sneaky is need of your help finding all of t...
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SSSG Spooky Spider Hunter Halloween special spider hunter. Find 100 spiders as fast as you can for a high score.
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