Mutant Pumpkins in the Graveyard

Mutant Pumpkins in the Graveyard

 Action and Shooting


Use the arrow keys on a desktop to move, or touch the on-screen arrows to move.

Mouse click or tap to shoot.

To use pink potion click on it or tap to use it.

Once you collect the green potion, walk over to a pumpkin plant and double click or double tap to kill the plant. You must kill 15 of these plants to win the game. For every 20 coins you collect you and your girlfriend receive an extra life.

Game Details

You and your girlfriend were out walking in a cemetery when you discovered some unusual plants. It turns out that these plants were producing some monster-like pumpkin creatures.

Try to protect your girlfriend (and yourself) and find a way to destroy the mutant plants.

Date Added: 2017-10-26

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